Let’s assume that there is a website/page/blog on the Internet. Hyperlinks to other resources are organically integrated into the content of this site due to different purposes. These links are called backlinks of external sites. In general, link building is the process of filling content with links to your resource that will generate traffic for you.

Keep in mind that links should be relevant to your content on the topic, benefit the reader, and not be spam. Search engine algorithms are rapidly getting smarter. They have already learned the semantic analysis of the text; they can recognize low-quality and paid links. Search engines are constantly tightening the requirements for the quality of links in the content.

Guest posts

The essence of this method is a mutual benefit – the publication receives high-quality content; you get a backlink to your resource.

Make a list of publications that might be interested in articles related to your product. Send requests for content, and immediately suggest topics or an outline for an article. Study the requirements and redaction policy of the portal where you want to publish. Be ready to make edits: editors of quality resources carefully proofread guest posts and often ask for something to add or correct.

Broken links

Find some inactive, non-working links in the articles of an authoritative resource, and suggest replacing them with a link from your site (relevant in content, of course). Not all SEO specialists consider this method to be effective, but it is quite popular.

Exchange with authoritative backlinks for related content

Here again, you need to contact the administration of sites that you like and are suitable for you with a proposal: you link to them, they refer to you. It’s like a cross-promo.

Mentioning your website on collection resources

These resources might be directories, aggregators, bulletin boards, catalogue sites, geo-services, listings. Usually, to get to such resources, it is enough to apply, register there or write to the administrators.

Mentioning in regular selections from authoritative publications and media.

If you have a blog about needlework, and a large DIY portal periodically tells readers about the best blogs in this direction, you can try to light up there. Write to the editor.

Link building is important for ranking sites, increasing traffic, and increasing the number of customers. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it.