There comes a moment in life when you have a strong desire to formulate some principles that guide you in work and life, and share them with others. Now it’s my turn to share them with you.


In short, this principle can be formulated as “do not cheat.” Here, in addition to the fact that “cheating is bad” (this is true), everything is also rational: cheating, you often get a short-term profitable result, but create long-term reputational, and sometimes even legal, risks.

Sometimes, you can avoid a negative scenario and achieve your goals if you do not confuse honesty with straightforwardness. The forehead opinion about the shortcomings of an unprepared person rarely causes him a positive reaction and a desire to understand, even if claims to his actions are fully justified. It is necessary to moderate the resolve and demonstrate inconsistencies and inconsistencies of the studied process in the prepared samples of objective data, avoiding direct estimates, trying to state the essence in the form of questions, pushing the interlocutor to realize the necessity and inevitability of changes.

Do not postpone meetings and difficult decisions

While running business, complex decisions will be met every day: in relationships with partners, customers, and investors, with company employees. Often, overload and the temptation to postpone decisions “for later” comes from their number and complexity. Sometimes it makes sense to give intuition to digest information so that it leads to the correct answer after a while.

However, Cyonix Services SEO says that the sooner you make a decision, the easier it will be for you, even if it turns out to be wrong in the end. There is nothing worse than the weight of unaccepted decisions that is accumulating. Delayed decisions are a direct path to burnout.

Do you feel that you need to part with an employee who has not been pulling for a long time, despite all your efforts to correct the situation, but at the same time occasionally shows signs of hope? Do it right tomorrow. You have already been late with the decision for several months (I have had this more than once). Are you waiting for a conversation with a business partner about team responsibility? Better talk now than postpone for another week.

Often there is simply no right decision, no matter how much you weigh the pros and cons. The paradox is that this is especially true for complex and unpleasant issues (otherwise they would not be difficult!). You can find out what was right and what was wrong only by doing something.

Actions mean more than words

During my life, I have met different people – from entrepreneurs to top managers of corporations who eloquently talk about their achievements, gush with new ideas and suggestions.

But if you look deeper, it turns out that they did not bring anything to the end, did not create almost anything of value. And in fact, they did not achieve what they talk so beautifully about. Sooner or later, it becomes clear to others, and such a person has to leave the team to talk about his achievements elsewhere. Therefore, I am used to value what I have done rather than what I have said in myself and the rest.


Trust allows you to reduce transaction costs – the time and effort required to control a particular process. It causes reciprocity: the other side, feeling your trust, will in turn show more trust in you, as well as feel a greater responsibility.

Cyonix Services is sure: everyone wins in this case. Most likely, having shown confidence and giving up unnecessary control, you will get the same (or even better) result, while reducing efforts to achieve it. Therefore, I almost always try to trust my employees and business partners. Mistakes sometimes happen (there are no rules without exceptions), but, in my experience, it’s worth a shot.

Of course, any of the described principles sometimes fails. In some situations, a short-term result may be more optimal if you apply the opposite approach to that described above. Nevertheless, long-term results largely depend on how consistently you use your principles, and this is the most important thing.