A set of marketing and advertising services

Effective work of employees was one of the main conditions for client’s company success. Uncontrolled access of employees to the Internet has become a serious obstacle to this. Without proper control, on average, up to a third of the working time was spent visiting unnecessary resources. That is why it was important to set up Internet traffic control and use a traffic counter.

Thanks to Cyonix help, now the client has the following opportunities:

  • generating a detailed summary report on traffic consumption;
  • maintaining statistics of Internet traffic by users with the formation of reports of several types;
  • providing activity data with a list of visited resources, sorted by time;
  • providing a list of the most active resources in terms of consumed resources;
  • the ability to obtain data in the most convenient form due to the built-in report designer.

Then we developed an infrastructure for network data measurement, analysis, and visualization that is based on the Internet traffic structure analysis method. The client was satisfied with the final result and now he can control employees’ traffic.

Client: NDA
Category: IT, Marketing, Advertising