App that enables Guest-list, Bottle Service reservations and VIP Entry

This product will allow users to install and use the VIP-Clubs app from their IOS-based mobile phones/tablets as well as do all the same on the Website.

To take full advantage of the Vip-Clubs app, users have to register via email or their mobile phones. Then they may enjoy finding their favorite venues, be added to the Guest-list, ask for Bottle Service, and to request a VIP Entry. The user can also share events/venues via the Social network links/buttons, provided in the app to attract more people.

Stages of application development

UX/UI and architecture designing

At this stage, we reproduced the basic logic of the application and distributed the functionality across screens. Then all screens of the application and their graphic elements (logo, icon, pictures, font, animation) were drawn. Also, the final application logic was formed (it had to be user-friendly and built on the guidelines of mobile platforms).


It was extremely important here to initially carefully work out the architecture, client-server interaction and define the technology stack. Also, we embody the finished design in the code – we prescribe all the styles and UI elements with which the user of the application interacts.


At Cyonix, QA engineers connect to the project at the start and test as often as possible. This guarantees a high level of quality and helps the client not to inflate the budget. For the application to pass the review of the stores, the client could contact the developers for help with the release, or he could prepare and publish the application to the store on his own.

Maintenance and upgrading

If the client finds bugs after the release, we fix them. If the first months of the application’s life show where and what needs to be finished or redone, there are two options: conclude a maintenance contract or start a new development phase considering new variables.

Client: NDA
Category: App, IT, Web
Industry: Retail, Hight Tech